Cambodia: The failed democratic dream of the sons of the killing fields [Spanish]

[Article in Spanish] Since the birth of the modern State of Cambodia, the International Community has questioned the transparency of its political system, apparently veiled under the principles of deliberative democracy. During the 30 years of governance of its prime minister Hun Sen, corruption and fraud have shadowed elections, and numerous cases of intimacy and threats have been reported prior to the celebration of these kind of processes. The fear of losing its hegemonic position has led Hun Sen to start a cleansing campaign against non-aligned media and civil organizations, aiming to eliminate any potential obstacles on its race to the 2018 elections. However, it has not been until the detention of the leader of the opposition party CNRP Kem Sokha on treason charges when the International Community has demanded the cease of these anti-democratic actions.  Nonetheless, the past behavior of the Cambodian leader regarding these kind of global complaints leaves small room for hope for those who dream about a truly democratic Cambodia.

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