2018-2019 Executive Board

Editor-In-Chief, Print | Sophie Pu                  Editor-in-Chief, Online | Tiger Huang                         
sophiepu@sas.upenn.edu                                                                          tighuang@sas.upenn.edu                            

Deputy Print Editor, Operations | Justin Melnick        Deputy Online Editor, Operations | Francesca Arruda de Amaral           Deputy Online Editor, Outreach | Annie Hsu         
                 melnickj@sas.upenn.edu                                            mfamaral@sas.upenn.edu                                    anniehsu@sas.upenn.edu                                  

2018-2019 Online Correspondents

Correspondent for United States and North America Affairs: Ian Palmer, Swarthmore University

Correspondent for African Affairs: Ra’phael Davis, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Correspondent for China and East Asian Affairs: Rachel Lietzow, University of Kentucky

Correspondent for European Affairs: Paul Witry, Loyola University Chicago

Correspondent for Latin American Affairs: Francesca Arruda de Amaral, University of Pennsylvania

Correspondent for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs: Jackson Foltz, University of Pennsylvania; Daniel Hurley, The College of New Jersey

Correspondent for South Asian Affairs: Ria Mazumdar, Tufts University

Correspondent for Southeast Asian Affairs: Son Mai Phan, Lebanon Valley College

Correspondent for Oceania and South Pacific Affairs: Tiger Shen, Oxford University

2018-2019 Contributors

Aminata Sy, University of Pennsylvania

Andy Anderson, Norwich University

Anna Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania

Brendan O’Halloran, College of William and Mary

Daniel Hurley, The College of New Jersey

Emma Himes, University of Pennsylvania

Hyung Jun You, Loyola Marymount University

Ian Palmer, Swarthmore University

Jackson Foltz, University of Pennsylvania

Jacob Kind, University of Pennsylvania

Jade Akhras, University of Pennsylvania

Jenna Vigal, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

John Chappell, University of Mississippi

Joshua Kadish, University of Pennsylvania

Joyee Au Yeung, University of Pennsylvania

Julie Geng, Williams College

Paul Witry, Loyola University Chicago

Ra’phael Davis, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Rachel Collins, University of South Florida

Rachel Lietzow, University of Kentucky

Ria Mazumdar, Tufts University

Robert Okada, Columbia University

Son Mai Phan, Lebanon Valley College

Tiger Shen, Oxford University

Tom Yuz, University of Pennsylvania

Yicheng Zhang, Tufts University

Zachary Cameron, Loyola Marymount University

2017-2018 Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief, Print: Christopher D’Urso

Editor-in-Chief, Online: Rachel Brock

Deputy Print Editor, Outreach: Daniel Nathan

Deputy Print Editor, Operations: Kathryn Dura

Depute Online Editor: Tiger Huang

Copy Editor: Daniel Loud

Managing Editor: Lara Gruring

2017-2018 Contributors

Andy Anderson, Norwich University

Asa Owusu-Darko, University of California Berkeley

Barnabé Colin, University College London

Bentleigh Asboth, Roanoke College

Bhaso Ndzendze, University of Witwatersrand

Christine Deng, London School of Economics

 Cornell Overfield, University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Hurley, The College of New Jersey

Gillian Xie, Oxford University

Japish Gill, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Kate Park, University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign

Kathryn Dura, University of Pennsylvania

María Carmen Martín, University Pontificia de Comillas 

Mikaela Schaller, Bucknell University

Miko Goliati, Lehigh University

Nathaniel Rome, University of Pennsylvania

Rachel Brock, University of Pennsylvania

Refael Kubersky, University of Michigan

Ryan Mitra, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University-School of Liberal Studies

Sarah Miyahara, Loyola University Chicago

Sophie Pu, University of Pennsylvania

Tala Al Jabri, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (MBA)

Tiger Huang, University of Pennsylvania

Tiger Shen, Oxford University

Tyler Jiang, Rutgers University

Yousuf Abdelfatah, Rutgers University