2016-2017 Staff


                     Editor-In-Chief | Sarah Winton                               Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Print |  Christopher D’Urso                              Editor-in-Chief, Online Journal | Miranda Lupion
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                      Managing Editor | Jack Schneiderman                                               Copy Editor | Laine Higgins                                                              Deputy Online Editor | Rachel Brock
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Rachel Brock | Special Contributor for Human Rights and Development Issues

Nala Chehade | Blogger for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs

Kathryn Dura | Blogger for Defense Affairs 

Kira Hernandez | Special Coorespondent for German Affairs

Tiger Huang | Blogger for East Asian Affairs

Tyler Jiang | Blogger for East Asian Affairs

Daniel Loud | Special Contributor for Intelligence-related Issues

Daniel Metz | Blogger for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs

Daniel Nathan | Blogger for Southeast Asian Affairs

Paul Oshinski | Blogger for European Affairs

Cornell Overfield | Blogger for African Affairs

Suh Young (Kate) Park | Special Contributor for Globalization Issues

Benjamin Purper | Blogger for Latin American Affairs

Aminata Sy | Special Contributor for Refugee-related Issues